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New version: White Paper System Architecture

DocuWare's blueprint for on-premises solutions - that's the focus of the System Architecture white paper. This helpful document was recently updated to reflect DocuWare version 7.5 and provides everything that might interest administrators and other techies.

The System Architecture white paper gives you a deep dive on the components, settings and scaling options of DocuWare as a local installation. It’s a great resource to learn about the system‘s front-end and back-end services as well as the entire infrastructure.

Graphics illustrate various aspects, including how the components communicate with each other, how the system can be scaled, or the structure of two sample documents in a file cabinet as shown here:


The white paper also provides specific details about each individual component: its tasks, how it communicates with other components, where its functions are managed, and what to consider when installing it.

The white paper is available online in the Knowledge Center and as a PDF.