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How to Install Desktop Apps


Let’s say you want to scan, import or open documents from a DocuWare file cabinet (or store documents in it) from another program? Then you should install the Desktop Apps that allow you to do all of!



DocuWare‘s Desktop Apps provide you with the applications DocuWare Scan, Import, Printer and Smart Connect. With these you can:

• Scan documents and import them into a DocuWare file cabinet (DocuWare Scan)
• Automatically import documents into DocuWare document trays or file cabinets by watching folders in the file system (DocuWare Import)
• Store documents directly from your applications (eg MS Word, ERP) in the file cabinet (DocuWare Printer)
• Access, view and index documents from another application at the push of a button, for example, from your ERP (Smart Connect)

Easy Installation via DocuWare Client

Desktop Apps are installed locally on a user’s computer. Here’s how:

1. Open DocuWare Client and the main menu. Select Install Desktop Apps.

To install Desktop Apps open DocuWare Client and the main menu


2. The setup of DocuWare Desktop Apps will be downloaded. Then run the setup as an administrator.

3. In the next dialog, choose the desktop components that you want to install.

choose the desktop components that you want to install.


4. The message "Installation successfully completed" appears. Click Close.

5. Finally, create a connection between the DocuWare Desktop Apps and your DocuWare system. To do this, switch back to the DocuWare Client.

6. In the pop-up menu, select Connect to Desktop Apps:

Connect Desktop Apps


7. Answer Yes to the question about access to your local DocuWare services.

 Answer Yes to the question about access to your local DocuWare services.

You can now use the Desktop Apps!

To Update Desktop Apps

Updating your Desktop Apps is also very easy:

1. In the Windows taskbar, open the context menu of the Desktop Apps. Click on the blue DW icon with the right mouse button.

2. Select Check for Updates.

It's best to refresh the Desktop Apps at a time when they are not processing any other tasks.

Please note that for certain functions of DocuWare Desktop Apps, a special license may be required. If a function is not available to you, this may be due to a missing license. A DocuWare Features Overview is always there to inform you in detail in the section about "DocuWare Desktop Apps" about all possible options.

For additional tips on Desktop Apps, such as the import status of your documents.