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DocuWare Connector on Power Automate

DocuWare's new connector on Power Automate improves ease of integration

With the new connector on the Microsoft integration platform, DocuWare Cloud can be integrated into hundreds of applications without programming, especially those from the Microsoft ecosystem. For seamless processes across different systems.



DocuWare integrations on iPaaS platforms

iPaaS means “Integration Platform as a Service”. This type of platform allows networking of business applications in the cloud without special programming. iPaaS connectors make it easier than ever to keep workflows running in the company and avoid cost traps caused by slow processes. More about the benefits and application scenarios of iPaaS connectors.

In addition to the iPaaS Connector for, the connector for Microsoft Power Automate is now available. This gives you the choice of which platform you want to use for your workflow automation with DocuWare.


The DocuWare connector for Power Automate 

With the new DocuWare Connector on Power Automate, DocuWare Cloud can be integrated into the numerous applications available on the Power Automate platform. Especially integrating with Microsoft ecosystem applications like Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint or Microsoft Office is easy to implement with Microsoft Power Automate. 

Key Features:
•    Seamless Integration: Easily connect DocuWare Cloud with other cloud applications, automating processes without the need for complex programming.
•    Enhanced Workflow Capabilities: Automate document storage, retrieval, and data indexing directly from Power Automate.

•    Fast deployment instead of custom interface programming.
•    Wide Application Range thanks to Power Automate's extensive ecosystem.
•    Data security guaranteed by Microsoft, same provider as of Azure data centers on which DocuWare Cloud is hosted.

The DocuWare iPaaS Connector on Microsoft Power Automate is available for free. On the DocuWare side, no special additional license is required, just a DocuWare client license to log in to DocuWare.

Here's how
Learn how to implement an integration using the DocuWare Power Automate connector in the DocuWare Knowledge Center and the Microsoft Power Automate-documentation.