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Video Tutorial: Archiving Documents from the File System

DE_EN_store_VideoDocuWare stores all documents in a central location, in one or multiple electronic file cabinets, which can be accessed by any authorized user. Storing is super easy: for example, documents in a file system can be archived with a quick drag and drop. And there’s never a need to leave a familiar interface: see for yourself in one of our short tutorial videos.

1. Store files in DocuWare – intuitively with Windows Explorer
Just link your DocuWare file cabinet to your Windows Explorer and you can file your documents in the familiar file folder structure. Indexing can be handled automatically.

2. Store files in DocuWare – with Intelligent Indexing Service
The easiest way to store files in DocuWare: just move them by drag and drop into a basket. The Intelligent Indexing service then recognizes the most important indexing terms from the document and automatically makes them available.

3. Structured storage in DocuWare: fully automatic with configured import folder
Documents which have a similar structure (such as delivery slips, proposals or reports) can simply be dragged to a previously configured import folder. DocuWare monitors this folder and then uses the information to index and store documents fully automatically.