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System Requirements for DocuWare Clients

De_EN_Requirements_clients_headerDocuWare is a powerful document management system. Yet you don’t need anything more than a current browser installed on a client to use it. No need for complex and tedious software installations at each workstation. With DocuWare Client, a browser is all you need to access the program’s full functionality.

To retrieve stored documents, send them by email or edit them, your client PC will only need one of the following browsers:

•    Internet Explorer 9-11
•    Firefox 26 and higher
•    Chrome 32 and higher

The operating system doesn’t matter (Windows, Mac OS, Linux). Not much is even required of the client’s hardware. DocuWare Client is simply accessed by opening it from the Internet via browser. That’s all you need to access all of your file cabinets and documents.

More Power: DocuWare Client plus Desktop Apps

If employees in the accounting department, for example, should immediately scan invoices on-site and import them into the file cabinet, you’ll need DocuWare Desktop Apps. For this, the client computer must meet the following requirements:

•    Operating System: a regular Windows version, Windows 7 or higher. DocuWare also officially supports Windows 10 with the next release (version 6.8).
•    CPU: min. 4 * 2.0 GHz
•    RAM: min. 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
•    Hard Disk: min. 2 GB hard disk capacity for programs

During import and scanning, important processes can run simultaneously in the background, such as the extracting of fulltext. This makes it easier to find imported documents later. More processing power from the client computer is needed for these background processes.

Further details: DocuWare System Requirements.