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Now in DocuWare Cloud: Index Data Validation

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Validation ensures that documents are correctly stored and indexed in your file cabinet. To help cloud customers enjoy the full benefits of automatic validation, DocuWare is now offering a new interface for index data validation – that offers even more benefits.


With DocuWare Version 6.12, validation can be easily integrated via the store dialog: simply enter the URL to your validation service.

DocuWare Validation for Cloud


Then DocuWare will call up the validation service as soon as a document is filed. If a document is indexed according to the pre-set criteria, it automatically moves into the file cabinet. If not, the user will receive a message so that the information entered can be corrected.

Thanks to the standardized REST interface, you can choose any programming language for your validation web service.

It’s also possible to incorporate other data sources from the company, such as a CRM, for use in the validation. For example, the validation process can check that a vendor number is actually available in the CRM. Or it can compare entries with the CRM, to ensure that a customer number always matches the customer name.

Validation ensures that your system is as cleanly organized as possible. For other clever ways to keep a "clean file cabinet":

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