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Making Secure File Cabinets Accessible to Customers


Making File Cabinets Accessible in the CloudEven if you are using a DocuWare on-premise system, you can make your file cabinets accessible to customers through the cloud – for example, so your customers can always access a current price list or manuals. No additional IT infrastructure is required. Simply use DocuWare as a hybrid and store some documents in the DocuWare Cloud.


If you want to open your corporate network that’s running a DocuWare on-premise system for outside access, it’s really only possible with a comprehensive IT infrastructure and corresponding know-how. Preventing external tampering is paramount: in addition to the firewall, a specially configured reverse proxy would be recommended to protect the web server and databases. Furthermore, performance during searches and continuous accessibility of the file cabinets need to be guaranteed.

But you can easily skip all this cost and effort – use the DocuWare Cloud instead. Even as an on-premise customer, you can make individual file cabinets accessible to customers. The main advantage of this hybrid solution: DocuWare takes care of document security as a service provider and your company network remains completely closed and protected.

To make documents accessible via a cloud file cabinet, only four steps are required:

1. Set up a cloud access point. You can try DocuWare Cloud as a trial.

2. Configure your cloud organization, for example, by setting up a specific file cabinet for customers. You can flexibly configure your access via URL integration: Should customers have access to the complete web client or be routed through a specific search dialog to download documents?

3. Synchronize documents from your on-premise system and the cloud file cabinet.

4. Send your customers a link to the cloud file cabinet with all access data.