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HR File Cabinet: Paystubs for Your Eyes Only


HR File Cabinet: Paystubs for Your Eyes OnlyNot all documents in a file cabinet should be visible to everyone. For example, employees may retrieve salary records from an HR file cabinet online, so it must be guaranteed that they have access only to their own statements and paystubs. With index value profiles, access to sensitive documents can be precisely controlled.

In general, access to documents in a DocuWare file cabinet is controlled via profiles. While a standard or custom profile summarizes permissions for all documents in a file cabinet, an index value profile restricts access to specific documents.

So that you can ensure that only a certain user can view his or her own sensitive paystubs in a HR file cabinet, you first need to create a new index value profile within DocuWare Configuration > File Cabinets > File Cabinet x > Advanced.

With an index value profile you can limit the documents that a user is able to view.


Here you can limit the documents that a user is able to view. To do this, set the employee field of this file cabinet to: "is equal CURRENTUSERLONGNAME ()". This means that the logged-in user is allowed to view only documents in the HR file cabinet where his/her name appears in the employee index field, like salary statements:

Set for the employee field for the file cabinet: "is equal CURRENTUSERLONGNAME ()"

Enable the general file cabinet permissions Search and Display documents, so that an employee can view the documents.

Tip 1: Make sure that the employee is not assigned a standard profile in addition to an index value profile. The profile permissions in DocuWare complement each other. Under certain circumstances, an employee might still be able to see other documents through the standard profile.

Tip 2: In the file cabinet settings for the Employee field, choose Required so that this index field does not inadvertently remain blank when it is saved. The document would then not be visible to the user.