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DocuWare Cloud: Thoroughly Tested


15 Certificates for Your DocuWare CloudFor more than a quarter of a century, DocuWare has been developing high-quality products that meet the highest demands for data protection and data security. To prove it, we have always had our company and all of its products, including the DocuWare Cloud, regularly tested by independent institutions and certified by meeting the strictest industry standards. Your data is in very good hands with this secure document management system.

DocuWare Cloud has earned the following certifications:

•    ISO 9001: Excellent Rating Quality control in the production/manufacturing of software

•   ISO 15489-1: All avoidable risks for users are excluded

•    ISO 27001: Highest requirements for the production, introduction, operation, monitoring, maintenance and improvement of a document management system for information security

•   ISO 27017: Maximum data security for the Cloud; the data is protected against access by third parties, adulteration by third parties and only the customer can access it at any time

•    German AO + GoBD: Tamper-free long-term archiving according to the German Commercial Code and Tax Code - HGB/AO and GoBD

•   Agencia Tributaria: DocuWare meets all the requirements of the Spanish tax authorities for archiving scanned paper documents

•    AICPA + SOC: Upon analysis of the hosting provider (Microsoft Azure), the system meets the strictest standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

•    CSA: Cloud Control Matrix of the Cloud Security Alliance – Meeting all hosting requirements for security, privacy, compliance and risk management

•   HIPAA: DocuWare complies with the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act for the use, disclosure and safekeeping of individually identifiable health data

•   BLI: DocuWare receives the maximum 5 Stars from Buyers Laboratory Inc., which provides independent analysis for the industry of specialized office products

•   Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Personal Data: EU standards to be respected when transferring personal data to third countries

Furthermore, DocuWare is a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner. For this commitment, the partner model has high standards that need to be met regularly which include: proof of highly technical expertise, a variety of successful customer references, and different technical tests proving the compatibility of DocuWare software with the current respective Microsoft platforms.

In addition, SAP DocuWare and its interfaces have undergone rigorous standardized testing and certification.


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