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Customer Spotlight: Telecommunications Contractor Improves Accounting Accuracy by 90% with DocuWare Cloud


With a fleet of more than 50 one-ton, four-wheel drive trucks and a Sno-Cat ATVs,Total Environmental & Power Systems, Inc. (TEPS) can make on-site service calls to any location; in any season. What they couldn’t do, was to continue to manage their accounting processes using paper.

TEPS is one of California and Nevada’s top telecommunications contractors, helping to build and maintain cell towers throughout the region. The company received most of their invoices electronically but was printing them to process them. They chose DocuWare Cloud because it was mobile-ready, cloud-based and easy to implement and maintain.

 TEPS eliminated 20 hours per month which were spent on tracking down payable invoices that were awaiting approval. With DocuWare Cloud, staff in the field on job sites can review and approve invoices on their mobile device keeping the accounting process flowing smoothly.  The company’s receivable invoice turnaround time has also been reduced by 2-3 days each month, creating better cash flow predictions.

 “We found that a lot of our invoices had inaccurate job numbers. With DocuWare Cloud, we simply have our project managers look at every invoice, large and small, and make sure everything is accurate. If the job number is wrong, the approver simply makes a digital note for us to change it,” noted Pam Souza, Controller at TEPS. “It is very important to apply our costs to the correct job, and I’m happy to say we’ve improved the accuracy of our cost accounting by 90%.”

Ready to eliminate manual touch from your invoice process?

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