Glossary of Terms

Process Automation

Process automation converts any manual or paper-based processes within accounts payable, procurement, sales, customer service, human resources or other operational team into a digital process them using virtual workflows.

Any process that involves paper, routing to team members, complex branching logic, standardization, and multiple departments can be automated using a digital document management solution and digital workflows.

Instead of a paper being carried from the front desk, to sales where it sits in a plastic inbox for a couple days, before being reviewed, stamped, and sent to accounts receivable, the document can be scanned, indexed and routed throughout the company digitally. This increases compliance, security, efficiency and accuracy throughout your entire process.

Automated processes also allow you to pinpoint a document anywhere in the document lifecycle, so you can identify potential bottlenecks. If employees leave the company or take a vacation, smart rules ensure your documents are never lost in the shuffle.

Where a paper process may take up to two weeks to complete, digital document automation can reduce the time it takes for approvals and process completion to days or even hours.