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Webinar (EMEA): How Effective Digital Forms Simplify Data Capture and Easily Route Information

Accurately collecting and structuring data is critical to your core business processes. Doing it efficiently involves avoiding pitfalls such as illegible handwriting scrawled across paper forms; hard to read PDFs with low resolution and human error on manual data entry. Using modern web forms eliminates these obstacles and offers a precise, streamlined and accelerated means of data collection. Not only are these forms instantly available to anyone on any device, but they also provide structure to data so it can be used to automate information flow throughout your department or team.

Creating a digital form is possible with any form creator, but what happens after the form is submitted... 

  • How is the data saved and is it secure?
  • Is it easy to search for and access across your organization?

DocuWare Forms are the solution - our modern digital forms are created within and connected to our secure document management software. DocuWare Forms are a key part of DocuWare’s document management tool set, allowing you to customize, share and store them as structured data.

Watch our FREE 30-minute webinar on DocuWare Forms to learn how you can precisely capture and structure data to speed up your key processes and increase business productivity.


Time & Date:

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. CET


David Malan


David Malan
Regional Sales Director
DocuWare GmbH


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