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Customer Spotlight: Integrating QuickBooks and DocuWare Adds Up for Carubba Collision

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There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when a company makes a car look new again after it’s been in an accident. Carubba Collision, a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the New York area for more than 60 years, is an innovator when it comes to putting the customer first. In addition to working magic with metal and fiberglass, the company offers thoughtful perks such as a free defensive driving course or a rental car upgrades, to set themselves apart from their competition. Now their accounting system has been updated to be just as forward thinking.

Carubba Collision man evaluating damage to a vehicleCarubba Collision is one of QuickBooks’ 5.2 million users and their new CFO, Sean Penner was eager to achieve the benefits of integrating QuickBooks with DocuWare. QuickBooks manages the data used in billing, inventory, sales and payroll. DocuWare does what QuickBooks can’t in terms of capturing, storing and retrieving digital documents in addition to business process workflow automation

DocuWare can integrate into virtually any application so documents and other critical information can be accessed easily. Integration happens through simple wizard-led configuration, special DocuWare connectors, or programming via standard interfaces.

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At Carubba Collision, DocuWare Smart Connect creates an “Invoice Look Up” button that’s placed directly into QuickBooks that takes accounting staff directly to the invoice they’re working with. In addition, the “Connect to Outlook” feature enables staff to easily send, receive and upload accounting documents via email.

Today, most of Carubba’s invoices arrive on paper. They are scanned, automatically indexed and filed, and then routed for approval via a digital workflow. DocuWare keeps processes moving forward with email notifications and reminders as well as increasing transparency for management as they can easily check the status of any invoice. Since invoices are now digitally stored, accounting staff can quickly and easily research a question without having to leave their desks to track down paper files.

In addition, to saving staff time and increasing efficiency, Carubba Collision has added more stores and has grown their business with increasing operational costs such as adding more accounting staff.

Tips for successfully integrating document management with QuickBooks

  • Start with high level planning to fully understand the structure of your accounting system. If there are multiple divisions in your company, find out how their accounting processes are different and whether you are dealing with multiple instances of QuickBooks. For example, a DocuWare customer manages seven golf courses. Each golf course is a separate entity in terms of business practices, and each one has a separate QuickBooks installation.
  • If you are dealing with multiple divisions also find out what they have in common. It’s important to determine whether they share characteristics such as the way they structure general ledger and job codes.
  • Note that QuickBooks doesn’t prevent you from inputting duplicate entries and incorrect data. Because of this, be especially careful about how you enter index data into the document management system.
  • Familiarize yourself with QuickBooks’ data formats, best practices and constraints. It’s important to take the size limitations of each field type into account and make sure that the corresponding fields in DocuWare don’t exceed these limits.
  • Format your fields precisely. When designing index fields be careful that the format of your fields exactly matches the fields in QuickBooks. When fields are linked by workflow having an exact match is extremely important.
  • Decide whether your integration will be fully automated when the solution goes live. DocuWare suggests starting out with partial automation. Initially, we recommend that someone on the accounting team validates the data before it is sent into QuickBooks. After a month or so, customers move to full automation and have a high comfort level with the accuracy of the process.

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