Ad Hoc Data Capture

By Joan Honig • Aug 26, 2015 5:27:00 PM

Templates are a powerful tool when you're working with documents in a consistent format. But what can you do when no two images are alike? 

When a Template Just Won't Do

capture1Templates are a powerful tool for quickly capturing index data when you have multiple image files with a consistent layout. But they aren’t always the answer. What if you don’t have image files? Or what if you have image files but no two image files are alike? Fortis provides tools that can reduce or eliminate the need to type data even in these non-Template situations.

If you don’t have image files, Fortis has Copy to Field. Begin indexing a text-based Assorted Other file, or open an already-indexed text-based Assorted Other file. On the document, select text that you want copied to an index field. Select the Edit menu, Copy command, To Field option, then click in the destination field to paste the data. Any data already in the destination field is replaced by the copied data. There’s even a handy keyboard shortcut to simplify this feature. Just hold the Ctrl key when selected the desired data. Release the mouse button as normal when you’re done selecting the data, then release the Ctrl key. Now click in the destination field to paste the data.

Easier still, don’t bother to release the Ctrl button. Hold Ctrl while selecting data and clicking in the destination field. Now you don’t have to remember when to hold Ctrl, when to release Ctrl just always hold Ctrl. So, to copy data from several locations on a text document into several fields of the Document Type, hold Ctrl, select data, click in field, select data, click in field, etc., release Ctrl when you’ve populated all the fields you need to.

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