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Case Study: Manufacturing

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Fully automatic Jura coffee makers prepare freshly brewed coffee at the touch of a button. The digital archive of the company’s British branch works just as seamlessly: documents are stored automatically and immediately made available.

500 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every year. In this market, the Swiss company Jura has specialized in high-quality, fully automatic coffee machines, which are used in 49 countries, both in homes and the food/restaurant business. Jura is also a big presence in the United Kingdom, where it has over 38,000 customers. A modern document management system ensures that all their document-based processes are perfectly organized.

Anyone who buys a Jura machine is making a long-term investment, maybe even an entire lifetime. If something breaks, the machine is immediately repaired by specialized customer service representatives. Every year, the company supports around 5,000 machines in the UK this way. The associated volume of documents is enormous: every week, around 600 service documents, often several pages long, are archived. The 40 employees of the UK office need to access these documents, again and again, in their daily work. Before DocuWare was deployed, documents were distributed around various points in the company, partly in paper folders, partly in electronic folder structures on the server. Since employees often didn't know where to search for important documents, and sometimes some documents simply couldn't be found, they finally decided it was time to turn to DocuWare.

United Kingdom
Customer Support |Administration |HR |Accounting |Company-wide
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Since documents are now available at the touch of a button, we have been able to significantly improve our customer service. DocuWare has become one of the most important tools for our daily work.

Anton Dreyer
Digital Operations Manager, Jura Products, Colne (UK)

Completely digital document processing

The solution was kicked off in their accounting department and was then subsequently gradually extended to all areas of the company. Today, half of Jura's employees in the UK work with the electronic document pool on a daily basis, and the number is rising. Incoming invoices are scanned directly into a digital tray in the reception area and then sent on to the accounting department. From there, the invoices are posted in Microsoft Dynamics Navision and automatically indexed using data from the invoice and placed in the electronic file cabinet. Manual filing is thus completely eliminated. For outgoing invoices, it's even faster because all A/R invoices are archived directly from Navision into DocuWare. The key feature is that the system automatically recognizes when a new document has been filed and sends the invoice directly to the customer after automatically reading the email address.

Another area that has greatly benefited from electronic document management is Customer Service. Here too, all repair orders and analysis reports for their machines are managed digitally. Without having to leave their familiar interface, employees can access the digitally stored documents directly from their ERP system. A button integrated right into Navision provides a quick link to service documents like repair orders or outgoing invoices.

Quick project amortization

The fast retrieval of documents greatly boosts their customer service. Improved efficiencies means that a rather manageable team of five service employees can handle all after-sales inquiries from the United Kingdom. The company also likes the solution's low total cost of ownership. For example, the IT Manager was able to carry out many system configurations and additional employee training himself after training with the DocuWare Partner. The simplicity of the system has not only led to quick employee acceptance - the overall costs of the project were also significantly reduced. In the future, Jura also wants to test the use of mobile solutions. Technicians who carry out repairs on site for customers could thus access previous repair orders from anywhere via tablet or smartphone. Relevant information, such as past device analysis reports, would be available while on the road and would help the employees on site to complete repairs even faster.


Jura is a customer of DocTech, an Authorised DocuWare Partner in the United Kingdom.

Once an invoice has been printed, DocuWare sends it to a customer by email - without any manual intervention by our employees. Not only do we save on postage and printing costs, but we save a lot of time."

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