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Case Study: Non-profit

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QSAC implemented DocuWare to better manage financial records and speed up invoice approvals securely and confidentially.

Quality Services for the Autism Community (QSAC) is a nonprofit that supports children and adults with autism. The organization helps over 2,000 families in Queens, Manhattan and Long Island, New York. They provide programs and services including early intervention, pre-school, day school, after school and respite care as well as adult group homes, skill development programs and other in-home services.

QSAC must adhere to strict requirements regulating the use of its funds

With over 1,500 employees and a budget of $55 million, it is essential to monitor complex accounting processes, grants and donor funds. QSAC had previously invested in a document management system but found that it lacked the sophisticated features they needed.

Integration with existing accounting system FundEZ was key

QSAC wanted to implement a solution that could be tightly integrated with FundEZ, a financial and accounting software for nonprofits, allowing them to improve document security and create custom complex approval workflows and functional skills.

Fund EZ

We always wanted to be able to fully integrate our finance software with our electronic documents, but we could never achieve this with our old system. From day one we had complete integration between FundEZ and DocuWare.

Lou Costa
IT Director

With DocuWare, accounting staff can access any digitally stored document with the click of a button and within the familiar FundEZ environment. For example, when processing or reviewing a payment, just one click on the integrated DocuWare button, allows the accounts payable clerk to see all the documents related to that check.

QSAC is audited by numerous organizations, as their funding comes from many sources. Audits are now quick and painless for accounting staff because requested documents can be quickly accessed. The nonprofit was also able to increase transparency in allocating funds from different donors, agencies and grants, as well as easily provide auditors with requested information.

Electronic workflows allow the organization to streamline its approval process through a pre-determined workflow.

DocuWare is flexible and easily accommodates users changing needs                

QSAC loves the flexibility DocuWare offers by allowing workflows to be changed to meet needs and requirements.

Installation is seamless and migration from the old system to DocuWare did not impact business continuity                                                                                          

Installation was virtually seamless. QSAC started routing and storing information in DocuWare. After one month all documents were migrated from their old system into DocuWare, with zero interruptions in their work processes.

DocuWare complies with strict confidentiality rules                                                                                             

One of the areas where DocuWare is making a difference is in Human Resources. Today, HR files such as applications, I9 forms and more are accessible from within FinancialForce HCM, the organization’s human resource software.

DocuWare has been expanded to securely store client files. QSAC employees appreciate that DocuWare’s pre-determined access rights help the organization meet confidentiality requirements.


We are just scratching the surface with how DocuWare can help us better control and manage information.  We are continually exploring other areas where it can benefit us.

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