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Case Study: Retail / Wholesale

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Gourmet retailer digitizes accounts payable processes. This leads to fast, accurate cost research, ensuring price consistency across stores and higher staff productivity.

With four locations in New York’s Hudson Valley, Adams Fairacre Farms began as a family run farm stand and expanded to a Super Farm Market, priding itself on providing local, farm stand quality produce.

Digital files offer an efficiency that paper files cannot

With multiple store locations and 100 managers buying for their individual stores, invoice processing and price comparison capabilities were cumbersome. The accounting departments received and processed over 2,500 invoices a week. The company’s paper-based accounting processes were inefficient and lacked transparency – a digital solution was needed.

Seamless integration between an existing system means no extra data entry

Adams selected DocuWare based on the flexibility and cost offered by the document management solution. The Intelligent Indexing feature offered easy indexing and storage of invoices that were then automatically imported into Adams’ existing Sage accounting software. This seamless integration eliminated extra data entry, improved accuracy and improved the speed of workflows.

Retail / Wholesale

Managers in our satellite stores did not have the ability to research prices. Even those at the headquarters store were limited in the amount of cost research they could do via a paper-based system. DocuWare is a game changer.

Mike DeCiutiis
Director of IT

Ensuring best pricing across all stores ensures a better customer experience

The ability to research costs and the increased transparency of accounting information is the biggest benefit DocuWare has delivered. Following the digitization of accounting and related processes, managers discovered that different stores were being charged different prices by the same vendor. Armed with this information, managers can renegotiate pricing, ensuring that all stores are offered the same fair price for items.

Payment information is instantly available to vendors – this was not the case when paper files were the only reference source

Because accounting staff can now quickly verify where an invoice is in the process, interactions with vendors are more streamlined. When a vendor calls regarding payment, the information is instantly available.

Digitized documentation means quick access to information on all orders. Staff can view any invoice, see if items were broken or missing and verify if the proper credit memo was issued. “We estimated that with our paper process, an invoice was touched at least 10 times through the workflow, now our average is only 3 times,” said DeCiutiis.

Now audits are painless. Auditors use DocuWare’s search features to get pricing documents, thus eliminating hours of work for Adams’ accounting team.

Adams once had 30 filing cabinets and stored invoices for up to 18 months. Today, the filing cabinets are digital ones and this allowed for the creation of  additional office space.

We were able to customize our workflow. We estimated that with our paper process, an invoice was touched at least 10 times through the workflow, now our average is 3 times.

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