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Searching in Multiple File Cabinets Simultaneously

MehrereSuchen_2_EN_headerYou’re looking for a document, but aren’t sure in which file cabinet it might be stored? No problem - you can now use Web Client to search through multiple file cabinets. You can also save your searches if you plan on conducting the same search repeatedly. If the index fields differ for various file cabinets, simply use the full-text field for your search terms.

Say you have file cabinets set up that each contain a year’s worth of invoices and always have the same indexing structure. You aren’t sure if an invoice you are looking for was generated this year or the year before. In this case, you just choose the file cabinets of both years for the search, and you’ll find the document you are looking for in seconds.

Another example: you are looking for documents about a certain topic, which might be located in lots of different file cabinets. By conducting the search through multiple file cabinets, you’ll see everything in one handy result list.  

Here’s How
To launch a search through multiple file cabinets, go to Search >Search multiple file cabinets > Create another search







In general, for a search through multiple file cabinets, you choose the file cabinets along with a search dialog.








For example, by entering a search term in a "Subject" field, the system will look for this term in the "Subject" field of all the file cabinets you selected – if that file cabinet also uses the same index field. For this reason, searching through multiple file cabinets is best suited for file cabinets which have the same or similar index fields. If that’s not the case, it’s best to run a full text search.

If you plan on running the same search on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to save your search. Click on the Save button in the search dialog. That will allow you to store the combination of file cabinets and search dialog used, but not the actual search term.
This feature is only available with the PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE server editions.