With Version 7.2 DocuWare is More User-Friendly than Ever


Each new DocuWare version benefits our customers and shows DocuWare’s dedication to continuous improvement. DocuWare version updates increase efficiency, improve ease-of-use and further enhance security to meet and exceed current industry standards. Our product roadmap incorporates technology advancements, adds additional capabilities to our solution, and is responsive to customer input.

In addition to enhancements that create an even more user-friendly environment with easier viewing and archiving, and faster keyword searches, version 7.2 offers a comprehensively enhanced Workflow Designer which is a feature of DocuWare Workflow Manager. This enables a higher level of efficiency with new options that reduce manual touch and increase workflow transparency.

Workflow Designer improvement highlights

A Wait for Event option enables users to delay the next step in a workflow until all related documents are received. For example, the workflow can be configured so an invoice cannot be paid until the purchase order, packing slip and bill of lading are stored.


 DocuWare Wait for Event feature

The Wait for Event feature can be part of a workflow that automatically checks for the required documentation

DocuWare Workflow Designer

A look at automatic validation and the configuration of an event trigger

Simpler more intuitive configuration along with other enhancements

DocuWare version 7.2 also features simplified configuration set up and optimizations to Stamp annotations, DocuWare Autoindex, DocuWare Connect to Mail and DocuWare Request.

DocuWare version 7.2 offers powerful new featuresIn DocuWare, stamp annotations add information to a document without changing its content. Stamps can identify which process steps have been completed. This information can be configured to trigger notifications to next participants in the workflow chain. Stamps can also confirm process completion before a document is archived.

With version 7.2, users can configure workflows to choose which fields are transferred to a stamp. This way only relevant information is stamped on a document. There is also a preview that shows the stamp entries during the configuration so that users can check to make sure they’ve included all relevant information in a stamp.

Now stamps are integrated directly into the DocuWare configuration interface with an intuitive design. This eliminates extra steps and saves time for DocuWare administrators.

DocuWare Request and Connect to Mail have been completely redesigned to elevate usability. These new features allow for easier configuration and system administration.

The field type Date is now a powerful new match code for DocuWare Autoindex. So, if an invoice does not have a barcode, users can use the date to identify documents that should be processed.

New releases are goal oriented. 

With the release of DocuWare version 7.2, we’ve reached the goals we set at the beginning of the release cycle. The initial response from customers and resellers has been overwhelmingly positive. The DocuWare team is looking forward to getting more customer feedback so we can take it into account when we develop our roadmap for future product releases.

If you would like more information about these and all other new developments, including an overview of new application areas and benefits, refer to: New in DocuWare Version 7.2.

DocuWare users please let us know how the new features in version 7.2 are making your work life easier.


Joan Honig, DocuWare Content Marketing ManagerJoan Honig is Marketing Content Manager at DocuWare.