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We’re happy to report that DocuWare is included in the 2021 Nucleus Research CSC (Content Services & Collaboration) Technology Value Matrix. This Matrix is built on an analysis of end-user experiences and an assessment of usability and functionality.

Nucleus Research, which is a global provider of technology research and advisory services, takes a unique approach to organizing and displaying their evaluations: each quadrant stands alone rather than in overall comparison to other solution providers. DocuWare appears in the Expert quadrant because our company has invested in deep functional and industry-specific capabilities. You’ll notice the dot positioning our solution includes a small upward-facing arrow. This indicates DocuWare is expected to increase usability and functionality more quickly than others in the quadrant.

Nucleus CSC Technology Value Matrix 2021

An emphasis on what really matters

In the market overview, Nucleus identifies collaboration, automation and security as the three key investment areas that technology providers in the CSC space focused on during the pandemic. This certainly rings true at DocuWare.

Mulit-colored words Digital NomadResponding effectively to the increased need for virtual teamwork is critically important to our development team. For example, one of our newest features enables DocuWare Cloud customers to edit Office documents directly from Microsoft Office for the Web. They can revise documents in real-time during a meeting, allow multiple employees to update an internal list and complete many other collaborative tasks.

About that “improved usability and functionality". . .

Continuing improvement to DocuWare Workflow Manager is always high on our to-do list. With DocuWare version 7.4, you can export a workflow you already use and adapt it to the needs of other teams. You can also duplicate a workflow to create a test system and easily validate it before it goes live.

Lock on top of computer keyboardMaintaining security protocols that meet and exceed industry standards continues to be another high priority at DocuWare. Both DocuWare Cloud and our on-premises system offer strong user authentication, data transfer using HTTPS, document encryption with 256-bit (the encryption standard used by the US government), multi-level access control for documents and settings, redundant data storage and robust protection against malware and other attacks. Our electronic signature functionality is also an integral part of our customers’ operational, compliance and security initiatives.

The Nucleus Research CSC Technology Matrix is updated annually because the market is always moving forward, and software solutions are continually evolving to meet current business needs. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our newest capabilities next year.

Main image by William Warby on Unsplash

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