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What Information Do Employees Need Most from Your HR Team?

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Human resource processes should be treated as an ecosystem, not in silos - and we see other organizational departments fall into a similar trap. This can cause communication breakdowns, lost productivity and frustration across the board. A well-oiled HR engine also helps to improve the employee experience and foster a positive corporate culture.
Here are some thought starters for your team to consider: 
1. Better way to ask (and track) paid time off: Probably one of the most important things that matter most (salary and benefits aside) to an employee. Employee burnout is very real and costs between $125 billion to $190 billion a year in healthcare spending in the United States. Remove the “vacation guilt” stigma by digitizing this process instead of relying on antiquated methods.
Arrows hitting targets2. Clearer performance review process: Let’s face it - employees dread performance appraisals. Having tough conversations with managers (and vice versa) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially if goal setting and contribution documentation is mismanaged. HR managers can help lessen the load through standardizing this process as much as possible with automated HR software. For employees, having instant access at their fingertips to previous performance review records to reference would help them prepare for review time. This acts as a yardstick to the overall level of employee engagement and minimizes manual processes - a win-win.
Business man working at a laptop3. Easily accessible payroll and tax documents: There’s always plenty of paperwork like pay statements, W-2, Form I-9, state/federal/local tax filing, direct deposit and more to complete before starting your job, and then again during tax time when you have to surface that material once again. Making sure that all of these important documents are in safekeeping and easily retrievable is a must.
4. Training and Development: An efficient learning management system can help colleagues grow into even more effective employees. A document management tool will help store and organize their credentials, and workflow automation can ensure managers are appropriately notified.
These are just a few of the many HR processes that can be improved through digital workflow automation, which frees up time to sharpen recruitment strategies and employee loyalty programs for long term success. Want to learn more? Find out more how DocuWare’s cloud solutions can help HR teams with a free personalized demo