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One Simple Strategy for Improving Employee Engagement with HR

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Gartner defines employee engagement as “an individual’s alignment with the organization and their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve organizational objectives.” At its heart, every employee engagement project targets improving an employee’s level of trust in the organization as one of its goals. The Human Resources (HR) department is central to efforts that improve the employee/employer relationship. So, cultivating a higher level of trust in HR radiates throughout the whole organization. Automating HR processes is a building block for strengthening that trust. It ensures that employees feel involved and valued – and it’s within easy reach. 

Employee engagement has multiple partsBecause the Internet and mobile apps are so much a part of our daily lives, employees expect information to be instantly available. With digitization and workflow automation, employees have immediate access to performance reviews, time off requests and benefits information, whether they are at work or at home.

For example, updating benefits enrollment information, change of address or addition of a new dependent is in their hands. Employees also have more control during the performance review process. Email notifications remind them of when their response is due and let them know when each step is completed by their manager. This transparency enables a quick response from management when necessary, but also safeguards privacy and confidentiality for the employee.

Information that spans the employee lifecycle

DocuWare keeps employees engaged and informedThese are some of the automated processes that save time for HR and give employees a greater sense of participation in their work lives.
  • Performance Management coordinates employee reviews and appraisal reminders and sets dates for next review. It also makes it easy to keep track of performance, goals, and contributions.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) requests are made using a web form that is routed to their department manager. Employees are notified of the approval or denial of their PTO request and the solution calculates updates to an accrued employee balance.
  • Separation procedures are kicked off using a web form. It ensures that all required steps are completed and company property is returned.

A quicker route from candidate to new hire

DocuWare offers a quicker onboarding with automationCandidates begin forming an opinion of your organization as soon as they receive a response to their resume. Automating the recruiting and onboarding processes ensures that their first impressions are good ones.

  • Digital Applicant Tracking manages communication between HR, the hiring manager and the applicant. It automates email notifications that are sent throughout the hiring process. Automated Applicant Tracking also sends out the offer letter. When the candidate accepts the job, it starts the onboarding and provisioning process.
  • Automating Onboarding eliminates filling out repetitive manual forms. Web forms enable new employees to fill out new hire information before they start the job. The online solution also manages new hire provisioning to provide employees all items and equipment needed to start.

If you distributed an engagement survey in your company today how would you score? Automating your HR processes is a simple way to enhance the relationship between HR and employees. That’s a great place to start or enhance any employee engagement initiative.

Find out about an even better way to run your HR department. Watch this webinar to discover how automating HR processes will benefit your organization.