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Trends Impacting Accounting in 2020


The role of CFOs and finance directors has changed dramatically over time. Instead of focusing on forecasts, adjusting budgets, generating business reports or leading accounting teams, they are increasingly assuming the role of a central navigator, helping to chart a company's course.

In our new e-book "5 trends that will shape finance in 2020," we show how digital business processes are impacting the accounting and finance department. You can download the e-book free of charge below:

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Our Answer: DocuWare for Invoice Processing

DocuWare for Invoice Processing is a pre-configured cloud solution (including user profiles, workflows and security configurations) that provides all the features needed to automate accounts payable accounting in the shortest possible time. It is all designed to be efficient, reliable and secure: from capturing an invoice to approving it and posting it in an ERP system. For example...

  • Invoices can be captured, sorted and stored from any device
  • Key invoice data is automatically transferred
  • Simplifies auditing processes
  • Effortless compliance with all regulations and guidelines

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