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Find Out Why a Top Analyst Firm Grants DocuWare Expert Status

It’s always exciting to be featured in an industry analyst’s report. We’re so pleased to be included Nucleus Research’s most recent Research Note, CSC (Content Services & Collaboration) Technology Value Matrix. Nucleus, a global provider of technology research and advisory services, publishes these Research Notes every year in each of its core areas of interest. This year, the report notes that the effects of shift back to in-person, fully remote or hybrid work makes solutions like DocuWare even more of a business necessity.
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Since many employees will not be in the office, at least not full time, there’s an increased need for:
  • A secure, central repository that everyone with permission can access from anywhere
  • Additional security to make sure remote workers aren’t exposing their companies to the risk of data breaches
  • User-friendly tools that support collaboration
2022 CSC Nucleus MatrixDocuWare provided the Nucleus team with full technical data along with customer references who the analysts called to get insight into the customer experience. This feedback confirmed the advantages of our solution’s deep functional capabilities as well as its intuitive interface and ease of use. 
Through the analysis of these end-user experiences and a careful review of product specs, DocuWare was evaluated on two key value drivers — usability and functionality. DocuWare has been placed in the Expert quadrant of the CSC Matrix since 2020 earning a higher position year over year. Expert solution providers offer full functionality that can be adapted for customers in every type of company, government agency or nonprofit. 

The Nucleus report points to DocuWare’s strengths in enterprise document management

Hit the target

Flexible deployment: Installation can be done in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model. This makes DocuWare an attractive choice for small and midsized businesses that want enterprise-grade functionality. 
Preconfigured Cloud Solutions: “Plug and play” software with short, simple implementations. They include ready-to-use solutions for employee management, automated invoice processing, e-signature and Smart Document Control, which provides everything a company needs to get started with digital document management. These solutions are designed based on expertise gained in launching thousands of successful digitization projects  
Workflow management: Automated workflow for processes that include document routing and approval, indexing, and safe archiving. Workflow Manager can copy digital workflows created in one department and adapt them to fit others, reducing time spent building workflows from scratch. Its drag-and-drop interface and Task Manager, both enable less technical users to build automated workflows without IT support. 
Intelligent Indexing: Eliminates manual data entry by instantly identifying the most valuable information in a document and converting it into highly structured, usable data. Intelligent Indexing uses machine learning technology to remember data from each document along with the indexing corrections your staff makes increase speed, accuracy and reliability. 

Make someone happy: What DocuWare customers say


When Nucleus interviewed document management users they found that collaboration, automation, and security continue to be the primary value-driving factors. Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the benefits of going paperless with DocuWare. 

Flexibility and scalability

“We chose to implement DocuWare Cloud to avoid taxing our internal IT staff and be able to quickly deploy and implement the solution to the corporate office as well as 30 remote locations. Implementing a cloud system was the quickest way to get something in place and have it be as seamless and easy to use as possible.”
Emilia O’Brien
Accounting Manager, Culinaire International

Finding files instantly

“File retrieval, which used to take upwards of 30 minutes per search, can now be done in under a minute. Now that the process is managed electronically through DocuWare, we can find what we need faster.”
Brian Ewart
President, Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company 

Accessible information with greater security

“The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location.”
Sue Brennan
Information System Manager, Swagelok, Manchester (UK)

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