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11 Cloud-Based Document Management Features That Enable Mengali Accounting to Achieve Ironclad Security

Security breaches, data loss, version management headaches and litigation due to regulatory violations have become so common that it all feels like “normal” business. With a document management system, you can avoid these hassles. Enforcement of security standards, compliance and maintenance of information integrity are all under control with minimal human intervention.

A document management system enables organizations to store information in a protected digital archive. This eliminates the problems caused by reliance on paper documents including lost documents, time spent looking for files and lack of storage space. Secure digital archiving means that all documents are organized, searchable and accessible to authorized users from anywhere, on any device. It also simplifies regulatory compliance and supports disaster recovery.yellow file folders on a grey background

Mengali Accountancy safeguards client data and improves the audit process 

Mengali AccountancyBased in Northern California, Mengali Accountancy provides expertise in accounting, finance, money management and tax services. The firm acts as an off-site accounting department for its clients.

This forward-thinking accounting firm took its use of technology to the next level by providing clients with controlled access to DocuWare. Their clients and auditors log onto DocuWare on the web to review account information, participate in workflows and upload documentation.

Audits are now done remotely. The firm simply sets up each auditor with a secure login that allows read-only access to the documents they need to review. “When it comes to audits, DocuWare has saved my firm hundreds of hours formerly spent pulling documents. The stress associated with audits is now far behind us,” says Renee Mengali, owner and principal.

Fraud prevention is on every client’s wish list

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“One of our clients had previously experienced internal fraud as the result of their employee editing PDF documents to be reimbursed at a higher rate. This alarming situation put document security and originality on the forefront and helped us illustrate to our customers the advantages and security that come from storing their documents in DocuWare,” explains Mengali.

The solution’s workflow features allowed the firm to set up predesignated internal control systems, ensuring that at least three different staff members are involved with every client. Additional security features like predefined limits on which employees can access which information, uneditable original documents, and the ability to track and log each document’s access are enabling the firm to prevent fraud.

Save time and mitigate risk with these document management features

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DMS safe archiving feature checklist
1.  Authenticate users through an individual username and password system
2.  Enable group, role, individual and document-centric access rights
3.  Send all data between web-based components through HTTPS and provides 256-bit encryption
4.  Protect against phishing, crypto viruses, and malware
5. Actively backup all data in a geographically separated data center
6.  Enable automated workflow to enforce retention policies
7. Help your organization meet specific compliance standards including federal, state  and industry-specific regulations
8.  Retain document integrity using electronic signatures
9.  Log all changes to create a complete audit trail
10. Manage active and past versions of documents
11. Provide secure integration with other corporate systems like CRM and ERP

If your team is working remotely, back in the office, or somewhere in between, you need documents to move securely and automatically to the right employees at the right time. See an eye-opening, introductory demo of DocuWare Cloud or watch the on-demand webinar below to find out how.

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