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DocuWare Client: Keyboard Shortcuts for Quick Work

ShortcutsLots of processing steps go more quickly with a keyboard than a mouse. DocuWare Client offers many options for a keyboard whiz: over 100 handy shortcuts have been gathered in the Knowledge Center. [Tab], [Alt], [Arrow] & Co. are contained in a list sorted by Web Client elements such as "Basket," "Search Menu," "Navigation" or "Viewer." Here are a couple of examples of how shortcuts can help simplify your everyday.

In the new DocuWare Client (starting with Version 6.5), there are very few features that can’t be managed with a shortcut. That is why your employees will benefit from the new version of DocuWare. They’ll be able to fly through tasks thanks to smart tools built into the program’s navigation.

For example, you can practically skip the mouse altogether when loading a document from a file cabinet:

  • In Web Client, combining [Alt] + [2] will open the most recent search.
  • The cursor regularly appears in the first field. [Down Arrow] opens the select list and also lets you advance to field you need. [Enter] chooses the entry.
  • With [Tab] you can further skip between fields; [Shift] + [Tab] let’s you go back one step. Tip: Typing an [x] in the date field will fill in the current date.
  • [Enter] starts the search.
  • In the result list, [Enter] opens the highlighted document in the viewer.
  • With [Left Arrow] or [Right Arrow], you can page back and forth in the displayed document.
  • [Ctrl] + [Alt] +[I] opens the Info window, while [Enter] stores any changes made.
  • [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [S] sends the document in its original format.