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Customer Spotlight: Custom Home Builder Takes to the Cloud

There are times we would all like to turn back the clock. That doesn't mean we want to rewind our technology infrastructure to a 1980s level, but ... Read more

Content Management Predictions for 2018

Looking at the calendar, I see that it’s only about a month to the Chinese New Year (February 16). According to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac ... Read more

The March to Cloud Content Management – Resistance to Cloud Solutions is Futile

Back around 2009, I would raise the prospect of buying things online with my wife, and she would express security concerns and that she was ... Read more

Three Reasons Cloud Content Management Changes the ECM Game

There was a time not that long ago when conversations about cloud solutions had almost a theological flavor. Organizations were either 100% committed ... Read more

1 Shocking Reason to Move Your Documents into the Cloud - You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

If your office still relies heavily on paper processes and physical file storage, you might want to close your eyes now. Our team had a mixture of ... Read more

Using Cloud Office Automation to Align Business and IT

Cloud office automation is the core building block for both departmental process improvement initiatives and for broader, organization-wide ... Read more

How Big is the ECM Market? Lies, Nonsense and Market Sizing Statistics

I am frequently asked this question: “How big is the ECM industry?” Much as I would LOVE a simple answer, every time I am asked, I usually flash to ... Read more

Silos cripple your information management strategy; SaaS silos make it worse

One can hardly tell the history of enterprise content management without quickly encountering “content silos” and their crippling impact upon an ... Read more

IT and the Business: Is the Cloud the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship?

The business press is loaded with books and articles highlighting the rather tempestuous relationship between “the Business” and “IT.” In 8 Things We ... Read more

Cloud document management - What opportunities are you missing?

The technology landscape is littered with innovations that were initially resisted and waved off (sometimes with great emotion!) that have since ... Read more