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Customer Spotlight: Custom Home Builder Takes to the Cloud


There are times we would all like to turn back the clock. That doesn't mean we want to rewind our technology infrastructure to a 1980s level, but hindsight can teach a valuable lesson. 
Case in point: nationally known Houston custom home builder, On Point Custom Homes, temporarily had to revert back to a paper-based system after a server and back up drive crash resulted in a loss of accounting documents.

On Point project managers coordinate with subcontractors, ensure supplies are delivered, keep the build on schedule and track ongoing costs … so retro-period paper shuffling was not a welcomed surprise.

Since then, they have updated their technology with DocuWare Cloud. Project managers now review invoices from mobile devices and easily provide their clients with up-to-date costs breakdowns and ensure projects are within budget. As On Point President Earl Correll reports, “The cloud solution was exactly what we were looking for. Knowing everything on the back end is being taken care of, allows us to focus on our clients.”

See the Case Study to find out more about the advantages of DocuWare Cloud.

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