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Technically Based Webinars: Making the Most of Your DocuWare Investment

A big advantage of using a document management system is that employees are not tied to their office workstations. They can access important documents from anywhere, at any time and with any device. They can edit them together with colleagues and of course integrate them into business processes and workflows. Given today’s world, this certainly can be a huge help – leading you to think, “How else can I take advantage of this solution?“ No problem, it’s easy to expand! As a user, you can broaden the application yourself, add other users, assign rights and much more. So how does this work?

We‘ll show you some of the possibilities! DocuWare offers free webinars, that provide loads of helpful tips to make everyday tasks even easier.


User Management – Easily extend DocuWare with new users

Need new licenses and want to assign new roles and rights? Or do you need to set up a new file cabinet for your colleagues working in a home office? We’ll show you how! 

Document management from the home office – DocuWare makes it possible

Quickly configure a custom filing system. Grant access to relevant documents – but only to those employees who are authorized.

Distribute your documents easily from the home office

Set up custom workflows: centrally digitize incoming mail, distribute it to employees, keep everyone informed – DocuWare makes collaborating across locations a breeze!

Manage orders conveniently from the home office

Create digital forms and configure approval processes so that orders can be conveniently managed – even from home.


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