DocuWare Team Building Event Benefits STEM Education

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DocuWare’s quarterly meetings offer the management team a chance to share information about product direction and business goals. It’s also a time for the staff to enjoy each other’s company, network and exchange ideas informally. This year’s event was held on Tuesday, July 16 at The Grandview in Poughkeepsie, New York with its sweeping views of the Hudson River.

First up at this quarterly meeting, DocuWare management welcomed the Ricoh team to our annual event. Ricoh executives remarked on the fact that Ricoh and DocuWare cultures and business goals are already closely aligned. This paves the way for creating additional synergies and greater collaboration between team members.

Building team spirit for a cause 

Concentrating on the task at handThroughout the year, DocuWare supports community activities and places great value on being a good corporate citizen. DocuWare’s July quarterly meeting traditionally includes a fun team building activity that benefits a local charitable organization. DocuWare employees were divided into 15 teams who competed to see who could build the fastest solar car.

The teams also built cars made of recycled materials and prizes were given for the most creative recycled car. Team members got busy assembling 75 solar car kits to be donated to the Newburgh Armory Unity Center (NAUC). Assembling solar car kitsDocuWare’s solar car kits will be used by children who are students of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs at the Armory.

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The center serves the residents of the City of Newburgh and the students of the Newburgh Enlarged City School District. Community members of all ages come together there for educational, athletic and civic opportunities.
Why we give back  

Max Cuacuas, Director of Operations at the center was a guest at our event and brought four students with him to accept our donation of solar cars and kits. He explained that the STEM programs there teach students skills that prepare them to pursue careers in technology. “It’s important for them to interact with people in their community who work in the tech field. Having these role models encourages an interest in technology that is likely to be sustained through high school and college,” he said.

Max JoAnn and Kids3DocuWare Group presidents Dr. Michael Berger and Max Ertl had this in mind when planning the event. “We chose this particular activity because it enables the company to donate materials for a project that builds students’ technical skill sets and raises their awareness of the importance of recycling and exploring new methods of non-gasoline powered transportation,” Dr. Berger explained. “Because NUAC is located close to DocuWare’s U.S. headquarters, our team is very familiar with the great work they do. We’re pleased to support them and by raising their profile in the community. We hope more children will sign up for STEM classes”

President of U.S. based DocuWare Corporation Jim Roberts agreed that giving back in this way aligns with one of DocuWare’s core values. “DocuWare employees volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, coach league and school sports teams and contribute time to many local organizations. Our company is proud to come together as a group to build team spirit while benefiting a worthy nonprofit organization,” he said. 

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DocuWare employees love healthy competition

Fostering STEM education and community involvement are a central part of DocuWare’s corporate culture. In Germany, the company shares its technical know-how through DigiClub, a program that was launched by DocuWare founder Jürgen Biffar. Biffar began by collaborating with local schools and public institutes to provide technology training to girls and boys interested in careers in IT. Now, many DocuWare employees volunteer to teach the students who sign up for these classes.

DocuWare is committed to continuing to sponsor and participate in community-based programs that educate children about technology. We believe that having first-hand experiences with activities that empower them to become tech-savvy is the best way to prepare them for fulfilling careers and successful futures.

Joan HeadshotJoan Honig is Marketing Content Manager at DocuWare. 


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