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Digital Workflow Do’s And Don’ts For Every Office

Some companies struggle when it comes to managing their digital workflow: As documents and data flow here and there, information could get lost, and ... Read more

Are Document Silos Killing Your Process Efficiency?

When your employees lack access to business documents they need, it creates a bottleneck that steals your productivity and process efficiency. Here’s ... Read more

9 Corporate Document Management Secrets Revealed

Many businesses and organizations today are saddled with an invisible burden: inefficient document management that squanders resources and wastes ... Read more

PaperScan: New for Android

PaperScan – which has already clocked 15,000 downloads in the App Store – is now available for Android devices. The App makes it seamless to use a ... Read more

Scanning with DocuWare - so simple

Today's copiers are stuffed with unexpected capabilities. Did you realize that the big box in the hallway isn't only there to add to the paper flood? ... Read more

Document Capture – Beyond Paper

When you hear “document capture,” you might think of scanning and digitization. But there is a more complex dimension to the ECM cycle. According to ... Read more