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New Video: What is Document Management?

Video_WIDM_580x383.jpgFor many years, DocuWare’s video “What is Document Management?” achieved the company’s highest click rate, making it the most enjoyed DocuWare video among Partners, customers and prospects.

Due to its success and positive feedback, the video was recently updated with some new visuals. The film uses a number of examples – like “Selling a Product” and “Invoice Authorization” – to illustrate the benefits of a DMS.

Whether on paper or in a digital format (including email), all documents are stored in a clearly organized manner in one central document pool, many of them fully automatically. Authorized employees can access all the information they need from anywhere and any type of device. Searches can be conducted by using pre-defined index criteria or by using a fulltext search. Avoiding all chaos, colleagues can read, share and edit different versions of the same document – it doesn’t matter if they are working side by side in the office or remotely at a customer. The ECM system is incredibly secure, preventing both data loss and ensuring that a company fulfills all compliance requirements.

DMS supported workflows optimize business processes. Companies save both time and money while improving service for their customers and employees. In the video, you can see how a core workflow like “Invoice Authorization” can be streamlined with DocuWare.

Crafting business processes which are faster, more mobile and more reliable is easier than you think. Curious? Find additional information here.