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How Anytime, Anywhere Document Access Unlocks Productivity

mobile content managementAccessing documents and managing content from a mobile device is how businesses and employees are accomplishing more on the go. It enables some businesses to be completely mobile.

For others, mobile content management is the key to keeping work moving forward when employees are working in the field. This move to mobile goes beyond document sharing and anytime access, empowering employees to create and participate in workflows on remote job sites.

Mobile Content Management: Technology For A Younger Generation?

Mobile document management is no longer a technology trend,” says AIIM, “but rather an integral element of business.”

Mobile technology for both business documents and associated content enables employees to do a number of things:

  • Create, edit and collaborate on documents
  • Assign and monitor tasks
  • Accomplish other activities centralized in a document management system

While, admittedly, mobile content and document management is more integral to some businesses and job functions than others, the growth of mobile has spurred a variety of applications.

This technology is not just a younger generation’s technology. It’s the technology of every smart, efficient and productive modern business.

Mobile Documents Make Working In The Field More Productive

Businesses not currently using mobile documents may fail to see exactly how integral the technology can be, but those who embrace it soon will.

In the case of an event management company that handles trade shows, launch parties and corporate events, mobile content management became hugely useful.

Before mobile, project managers would receive invoices in the field, onsite at an event location, and hold onto the invoices and other paper documents to process them later. This meant that the project manager would spend the entire day at the site with a folder full of paper and return to the office or home only to begin processing that day’s paperwork. This, of course, meant manually inputting the required information into various business systems and, yes, working overtime.

After they implemented mobile document management, the business was able to begin taking pictures of papers received in the field using a mobile device and uploading them directly to the system. The central document management system automatically pulled the required information from the picture.

Now, the project manager only needs to review and verify that information before sending it along to the accounting department through a highly efficient digital workflow.

Why Mobile Content Management Should Be On The Tip Of Your Tongue

For businesses looking to become less paper-based, mobile document and content management are an inevitable part of that transition.

By centralizing department documents and supplementary content surrounding those documents, businesses are able to work faster and more efficiently. Instead of accounting for paper, employees are better able to process transactions and make items immediately accessible for other people in the business.

Like the event management company above, the businesses that have embraced mobile content management have exchanged their paper burdens for paperless business efficiencies.

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