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DocuWare User Conference Attendees Converge in Philadelphia


Today, DocuWare welcomed users to Philadelphia. Set the new pace for business is the theme. We’ve chosen it because we’ve seen how automation enables DocuWare customers throughout the world to benefit more fully from digital transformation.


DW User Conference welcomeThe User Conference kicks off tonight with a reception and dinner where customers will network with each other and engage with DocuWare staff. DocuWare employees on tap include members of our executive, product and software support teams.

Tomorrow, there will be several keynote speakers who will offer an insider’s view of DocuWare’s strategy and vision. We’ll also take further advantage of the interactive nature of coming together in-person with live polling via the Conference App.

The polling will lead into a User Panel discussion where customers will share their experiences. Panelist Heideh Shadravan, Senior Accounts Receivable Analyst, CashApp Supervisor at Samsonite plans to touch on how working digitally requires attention to change management. “One of the biggest lessons learned is to have patience. There was some resistance to change at first but being available and open if issues arise helps,” she explains. “We couldn’t imagine going back to the way it was before. The people who were most skeptical and didn’t want to change, now love DocuWare, too.”

Attendees will choose from a variety of breakout sessions with technical or business-oriented slants. We’re looking forward to an educational and enjoyable day!


Joan HeadshotJoan Honig is the Content Marketing Manager at DocuWare.