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DocuWare Cloud Sets the Foundation for a Record-Breaking Year

DocuWare Cloud Sales Grew 71% in 2019

The 2019 numbers are in! The DocuWare Group achieved 54.8 million euro in total revenue – an overall growth of 17 percent over 2018. The number of cloud customers has risen by 71 percent year over year as more organizations discover the value of cloud-based software. 10 Fitness, an affordable health and wellness gym with 12 locations in Arkansas, and one in Springfield, Missouri, is just one of the DocuWare customers experiencing the benefits of working with a cloud-based solution.

Business Advantages DocuWare Cloud Brings to 10 Fitness
  • A cost-effective and budget-friendly subscription model that reduces capital expenditures
  • Improved data privacy and security coupled with centralized access for authorized employees 
  • Better customer service through increased convenience and faster response to member requests
  • Ease of automating additional processes as needed
  • Increased transparency that improves employee accountability

Automating new processes is effortless

10Fitness Logo10 Fitness initially implemented DocuWare to digitize employee records and automate HR workflows. “That worked well for us so after we digitized all those files, we began to find other ways to utilize DocuWare,” says Brent Adams, Director of Corporate Benefits.

Building on its positive experience, 10 Fitness expanded the use of DocuWare into membership communications by using DocuWare Forms. Before DocuWare, members could only make changes on paper, in person. Processing membership modifications this way was inconvenient, inefficient and difficult to track. “Our members had to use a lot of separate forms,” Adams explains. “We wanted a different workflow to handle our members’ requests. Implementing the forms feature was a natural move for us. It was very easy.”

Enhancing the customer experience

iStock-1060199318Instead of accepting membership modification requests on-site, 10 Fitness now emails a digital form that can be accessed via mobile phone or computer. The completed form is sent directly to call center staff. The new process has a significantly smaller environmental footprint and speeds up processing for members while saving time for 10 Fitness employees.

Automating the workflow also enables tracking requests’ progress digitally — Adams can pull up requests on his screen and see whether they have been completed or are still pending. “I can see with my own eyes what’s happening in real time. It’s huge,” he says.

More importantly, it greatly improves customer service. “We wanted to create a better customer experience, and we did it with DocuWare,” Adams says. “It’s part of our everyday business now.” 

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