DocuWare Cloud Emerges as a Platform of Choice Based on 2018 Financial Results


DocuWare’s 2018 financial results show growth in demand for cloud-based document management and workflow applications, with the strongest growth in new customers coming from small to mid-sized businesses. DocuWare customers have first-hand knowledge of the power of cloud computing. They’ve experienced how subscription-based cloud services unlock access to advanced technologies once too expensive for all but the largest organizations. 

On a worldwide basis, 2018 cloud revenues increased by 92 percent. The company added 1,700 new customers in the year, of which nearly 50 percent selected DocuWare Cloud.

DocuWare customers demonstrate the benefits of cloud computing

The power of cloud computing is apparent when you look at what it empowers DocuWare customers to accomplish: By the end of 2018, documents stored in the company’s cloud had increased by 124 percent, demonstrating the product’s growing appeal for small to medium sized businesses starting to use document management software.

The introduction of two preconfigured cloud solutions to address invoice processing and employee management earned the company 178 of its 1,700 new customers as can be seen in the examples below.
  • Young Automotive Group replaced a manual process that required new hires to be on-site at headquarters for four hours with a digital onboarding process. With DocuWare Cloud, online forms are completed when it’s convenient for the new hire. Information is sent to Young Automotive Group’s HR department and is received instantly.
  • Total Environmental Power Systems, Inc. uses DocuWare Cloud’s mobile capabilities to enable supervisors in the field to approve invoices quickly. As a result, the time to process and approve an invoice has been reduced by 90%. This speeds turnaround time and improves cash flow.
  • Culinaire International, Inc. centralized accounting processes for 30 remote sites. DocuWare Cloud enabled Culinaire to improve an inefficient process that required the receipt of weekly FedEx packages of accounts receivable and accounts payable documents. With cloud-based document management, instead of waiting a week to review checks, electronic payments and invoices, the documents processed on the day they are received.

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