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Do You REALLY Need Document Management?

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Well, not really. But you DO need what Document Management allows you to do.

Let me be clear what I mean.

I very seldom run into someone who says, “John, I know you work at AIIM. Let me tell you something. I woke up this morning, slapped myself in the head, and realized – WOW! – we need document management. Can you help?” 

Kind of along the lines of those old “I could have had a V-8!” commercials.

But what I do hear are things like this:

“Information is coming into our organization faster than we can deal with it. And it’s only going to get worse.”

“Our new remote employees complain that they can’t get their work done with our old-fashioned legacy systems and are constantly using some consumer tool that we don’t even know about.”

“I’m worried about some new competitor showing up out of nowhere that we just didn’t see coming.”

“It takes us WAY too long to get our financials done every month.”

“If we ever get sued, it would be almost impossible to find all of the information we’d need to defend ourselves.”

“We waste SO much time just finding the right information at the right time.”

What is the common denominator to all of these business problems? 

The common link is out of control information management systems – or none at all! -- and a rising tide of information chaos.

And that’s where a document management system comes in. Not because of some abstract need to “manage documents,” but because a simple, cloud-friendly, easy to use and implement way to manage and organize your business-critical information is key to solving all of the above pain points.

And THAT should be your V-8 moment.

Do these problems sound like problems that confront your organization? 

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