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Customer Spotlight: Tillamook Bay Community College Shares Information to Achieve Lean Business Process Goals

_DSC0318.jpgTillamook Bay Community College applies lean methodology to minimize wasted time and money and produce more value with fewer resources. As a result of a lean analysis, the college chose DocuWare to automate business processes for operational activities spanning from student services to human resources and the college’s foundation.

During the initial phase, Tillamook Bay rolled out the solution to four departments over a 12-week period. As each department came onboard, they built an informal DocuWare user’s group to assist others who were coming online.  

Tillamook Bay’s gains are instructive and inspirational. In our case study, learn how they’ve improved service to faculty, staff and students by better sharing information across departments. And find out how they saved $40,000 by using DocuWare rather than investing in a stand-alone curriculum development solution.  

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