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Customer Appreciation Week 2018 – Young Automotive Group Steers Human Resources into New Levels of Productivity with DocuWare Cloud

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It’s the last day of DocuWare’s first annual Customer Appreciation Week! Visit our Modern Digital Business blog to read all the success stories and see photos of the festivities from the past week. See all the celebrations on social media at #DocuWareCustomerWeek.

YAG logoYoung Automotive Group is a large automotive business comprised of 15 automotive dealerships located throughout northern Utah and southern Idaho. They sell a variety of top car brands including Subaru, Jeep, Buick, Ford, Honda, and more.

Young Automotive Group needed an electronic system to manage their HR onboarding and hiring workflow, which was previously a complex paper process requiring employees to travel long distances to complete the onboarding at corporate. Frustrations for both the employee and the business were common, and access to documents was limited, as everything was in paper format at corporate. Their main requirement was that the digital system integrate with their existing resume center – a hosted web application with resume submission, which allows managers to select candidates for interview.

Authorized DocuWare Partner Les Olson Company was approached by the Young Automotive Group while they were researching a competitive document management system. They were initially interested in a scalable system that could be tailored to their specific needs while being flexible enough to handle any task they wanted to tackle. Once they saw a DocuWare Cloud demo, they were immediately interested and wanted to learn more about its capabilities. Les Olson Company was able to investigate their needs as well as functional desires. Young Automotive Group ultimately chose to implement DocuWare for its functionality, scalability, ease of use, and overall user adoption.

auto sizeDocuWare has increased the productivity of the HR and payroll departments by allowing them to control the flow of documents and information from one centralized digital location. With DocuWare Forms and Workflow set up, they now have a full process to capture all of an employee’s information during onboarding, create the desired documents for processing, and deliver to all of the remote employees the key tasks required to make this an efficient and predictable process. To accomplish this, all forms for new employees were created as merge forms and made public. They integrated one of these forms into their resume center software so managers could, upon deciding to hire an applicant, send the form to the desired applicant automatically. Each form is used to trigger an automated workflow process with the final step being to send a notification, with instructions, with the next form in the process. Additionally, there is now reliable communication between HR and the employee; the local managers have valuable insight into their employees’ records by having remote access to them digitally via DocuWare Cloud. DocuWare Cloud has provided Young Automotive Group with valuable features and capabilities but also due to its cloud nature, allows them to scale the system at their convenience and add users as needed. They gained more efficiency and visibility into their everyday tasks which at the end of the day saves them money.

They have seen success in expanding their DocuWare system to other departments and want to implement it across the entire HR process. They have added the payroll department into the workflow and task list functions of the system to notify and provide them with all the information they require to get new employees paid on time. Also, an automated employee referral process has been put in place that utilizes Autoindexing, Forms, and Task Manager in tandem to show the payroll department those applicants that have completed the hiring process and are eligible for an employee referral bonus. 

“The ability to be flexible and customized to our needs and adaptable to our growth and changes in process was the deciding factor for selecting DocuWare. We dreamed up our dream process and Les Olson Company’s engineers were able to bring to life our vision,” remarked Brandon Huston, Corporate Controller of Young Automotive Group.

DocuWare and Les Olson Company visited the Young Automotive Group office and presented the team with their Customer Appreciation Week certificate and DocuWare swag. Les Olson also provided lunch.

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