Customer Appreciation Week 2018 – Marketing Personal S.A. Proves that Improving Efficiency Never Goes Out of Style with DocuWare

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DocuWare’s first annual Customer Appreciation Week is still going strong! While we know July 19 is the next official Get to Know Your Customer Day, we couldn’t wait to show our appreciation  why leave it to just one day? Each day this week, we have been honoring one customer. Visit our Modern Digital Business blog to read each DocuWare success story and see photos of the festivities. Follow all the celebrations on social media at #DocuWareCustomerWeek.

logo MPMarketing Personal S.A. is a Latin American company with a presence in Colombia, offering direct sales by catalog for clothing, footwear, cosmetics, and homewares. They offer a new catalog every 21 days (with more than a thousand products) to more than 100,000 Image Advisors who run their own businesses by selling Marketing Personal’s products.

Marketing Personal needed a system that could optimize their costly logistics management and paper-based customer service approach. The orders and rewards are shipped from Marketing Personal to various destinations throughout Colombia. Tracking the logistics process was very complex, and the shipping costs invoiced to Marketing Personal by the delivery carriers did not reflect effective monitoring of customer deliveries and inquiries. The Customer Service Department did not have clear and timely information about the various phases of delivery; they had to rely on projected delivery information and paper documents from the operations team. Additionally, the documents generated during the transport operation must be stored for several years as they may be required as proof of delivery for payments and may be needed for potential future legal processes. There are risks associated with processing transport documents where they are exposed to potential damage or loss due to physical handling and their return from various regions of the country. With the assistance of Authorized DocuWare Partner Summan S.A.S., the company chose to implement DocuWare because of its ability to easily integrate with their third party systems.

Currently, each transport document is generated by the Summan DataVar print service and contains a survey for recipients to complete upon delivery. This transport document is physically printed and sent with the orders and rewards. A digital version of the documents is stored in DocuWare for subsequent consultation and checking. Once the orders have been delivered and the transport surveys completed by the customers, they are scanned by the carriers and the images are sent to a server in Medellin. There the intelligent data capture software, ABBYY FlexiCapture, reads each document delivering the data captured from the survey to the operational intelligence software, Splunk, and stores the processed documents in a pre-defined directory on the server. DocuWare monitors the pre-defined directory and automatically sends any files stored there to the corresponding file cabinet, cross-checking the data in the document against the transport documents already in the system. The operational intelligence software, Splunk, creates a graphic representation of the data delivered by the intelligent data capture software, ABBYY FlexiCapture, and the images stored in DocuWare, allowing new orders to be checked, including those pending for delivery.

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With these integrations, Marketing Personal has achieved traceability of the delivery of more than 70,000 orders, valued at $9 million, of customers every 21 days. DocuWare provides control over the entire logistics operation within a single data center, improving the quality of service for the sales team and customer response time. It also provides timely information about delivered orders and monitoring new ones, generates accurate measurements of delivery times by each carrier/region of the country, allows the workflow of each different shipping carrier to be planned, and eliminates the risk of transport document loss or damage through secure storage.

"The transport process at Marketing Personal is characterized by a wide network of independent carriers with different kinds of structures and levels of development as providers. We need good information and control systems to administer this diversity. In addition, the growth in the level of sales and orders has generated the need for powerful, versatile, and efficient tools to manage the logistics cycle as a whole. Marketing Personal has a significant advantage in its transport and distribution network. The assets we have developed over a number of years are now being strengthened with the use of integrated solutions such as DataVar, DocuWare, ABBYY FlexiCapture, and Splunk. The next step is to continue developing this transport network and improving the service efficiency and satisfaction of our end users,” concluded Luis Alejandro Múnera Santos, Director of External Logistics at Marketing Personal S.A.

DocuWare and Summan S.A.S. visited the Marketing Personal office and presented the team with their Customer Appreciation Week certificate and a lovely breakfast.


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