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Businesses Recognize How Cloud Agility and Scalability Helps Their Productivity and Profitability

Cloud over a business table

DocuWare Cloud continues to be an area of tremendous growth for DocuWare. At the start of 2019, more than 2,000 customers have opted for the company's Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model. These customers are attracted by the scalability and mobility that this solution offers for workflow automation and document management. A recent press release provides the facts and figures underlying DocuWare’s cloud platform’s exponential growth.

Dr. Michael Berger, Co-President of DocuWare explains why the company's cloud strategy has been so successful. “DocuWare continues to invest in the usability, security, flexibility and scalability of our cloud architecture,” he said. “We see tremendous growth in small and mid-sized organizations, where business agility requires leaders to digitize and automate their office processes.”

IT investment in the cloud is predicted to increase

Digital Cloud-1According to a white paper, Transforming the Enterprise with Managed Hybrid Networks and Cloud Connectivity Services, published by industry analyst IDC, the amount of IT spending on cloud-based technologies will rise to 60% of total IT budgets by 2020. The white paper also predicts that “’Cloud first’ will become the new mantra for enterprise IT because virtually none of the other 3rd Platform technologies or major digital transformation initiatives is possible in scaled-up implementations without the cloud as the foundation.” The white paper goes on to explain that organizations are attracted by the advanced security, high-bandwidth, and dependability that cloud-based solutions now offer.

Cloud-based preconfigured solutions easily and quickly meet business needs 

Businessman and CloudCloud solutions, like DocuWare Cloud, enable organizations to scale upward, integrate with other applications, orchestrate new workflows, and expand into other business processes without downtime and complex development cycles.  Today’s organizations also want a solution that can be implemented quickly – in weeks rather than months. That’s where some of our new pre-configured solutions come into play. They replace manual, paper-based and error-prone processes with fast, adaptable and automated ones The solutions are modular and cloud-based which eliminates lengthy installation and additional maintenance of an extensive technology infrastructure.

Implementing a cloud-based solution requires consideration of different criteria than when choosing an on-premises system. Tremendous improvements in the security, scalability and reliability of cloud infrastructures eliminate the potential risks that deterred organizations from implementing cloud-based based software in the past. The burden of maintaining security, data backup, and developing a technology infrastructure that can grow with the organization is shifted to the cloud service provider. Business owners can focus on their core business goals -- which is the purpose of implementing office automation technology.  

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