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How can I log into the trial version as a "sample user"?

Your DocuWare trial account has been created with the same password for all sample users as the password for the organization administrator (the person who created the cloud account) by default.

To login to a sample user’s account, just go to the login page of your DocuWare organization, enter the username of a sample user ( Peggy.Jenkins, Elizabeth.Cash, Peter.King, Peter.Sanders, Brian.Ford or Fred.Winner) and log in with the password you have selected during the service registration.

If you have forgotten the password or want to use different passwords for the sample users, go to “Reset password”, then enter the desired username and click on “Send email.”

Then you will receive an email with a link that you can use to assign a password (the message will be sent to the email of the user who has registered for the trial account).

You can also change password and general user data within DocuWare configurations

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