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Digital Document Management

What is Digital Document Management?

Digital Document Management is the primary component of Enterprise Content Management. It is defined as the digital representation and secure storage of documents so that businesses can achieve new levels of speed, accuracy and transparency while creating a predictable, reliable, repeatable information infrastructure. In short, digital document management enables your organization to modernize internal and external processes.

A digital document management solution will typically consist of four key components:

  1. Capture and Organize Your Documents – Capture from any source and organize information with classification, metadata and intelligent indexing so documents are integrated with other systems and findable through search.
  2. Control Access and Increase Transparency –Smart rules allow you to grant access to documents to only those with the authority to view them. Because all documents are kept in digital repository, your entire organization can access critical business information at any time.
  3. Streamline Collaboration –Because all documents are stored digitally, teams can annotate, route and make decisions based on the same document. This eliminates the possibility of having multiple document versions, reducing errors and streamlining collaboration.
  4. Create a Consistent Document Infrastructure –Digital document management solutions can integrate with the business systems your team is already using, such as your ERP and CRM. Reduce errors that are inherent with working across multiple systems by integrating core systems together.