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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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The Salmon Companies, a transportation partner of the United States Postal Service, started using DocuWare to achieve an efficient, flexible, digital accounting workflow.

Salmon Companies’ fleet of 1,500 trucks now transport mail throughout almost every state in the nation. Throughout their growth they have focused on using technology to better manage their business productivity and operating costs.

Their mission is to deliver Mail for USPS “Safely On Time, Every Time”

This was achieved by selecting the right technology that could improve their core business processes. In the case of Salmon, automating their accounting system led to improved employee productivity, reduced costs and fast, secure storage and access to information.

Seamlessly merging technology between enterprises

When Salmon acquired a company that used DocuWare, it made sense for the two companies to merge their processes. Salmon has only one customer, the U.S. government, and fitting both accounting and business processes to meet government requirements was their top priority.

Transportation / Logistics
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

DocuWare’s flexibility allows us to not only work through our custom processes, but drives us to consider more effective and efficient means to an end.

Steve Christian
Director of IT

Salmon employees love DocuWare’s modular nature which enables them to easily modify and change business processes to meet their evolving needs

The steps involved in the overhauling of the older and inefficient processes began with identifying the needs and gaps in their existing accounting process.Based on the results, a new custom-built workflow system was created. Salmon staff were involved in the creation of the business workflow and the processes were adjusted based on valuable employee feedback.The redefined process is based on a system of rules and electronic stamps that route a document through the new workflow.

Employee productivity has gone way up now that processes are so efficient

Salmon processes more than 15,000 documents a month in their accounts payable processes. Most indexing is automated with DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing feature and the solution is integrated with the company’s Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting system.

Costs have been lowered and errors significantly reduced

Salmon has lowered costs by eliminating the printing of multiple copies of a document. Filing errors have been eliminated and additional savings are achieved by not having to pay to store paper documents in an offsite facility.

Growing more digital

DocuWare has expanded to the Human Resources and Safety departments to securely store confidential information and retain documents with long retention schedules, such as employee files, benefits, discipline, deductions, 401K and driver safety documents.

We have only one customer and we have to mold our system to fit the client; our business is a little bit of a different animal that way. DocuWare’s flexibility allows us to not only work through our custom processes but drives us to consider more effective and efficient means to an end.

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