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Case Study: Retail (Automotive)

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Founded in 1980, Auto Schubert is one of the largest Toyota dealers in Germany. They now sell around 1500 new cars and another 1000 used vehicles annually at five locations. With DocuWare Cloud, their entire sales process is optimized.

When asked about what makes them unique in how they sell Toyota, Nissan and Kia brand cars, Managing Director Jörg Schubert does not hesitate for a second: customer satisfaction. When anything is ever amiss in a survey that takes place after each customer visit, it triggers intensive research. All employees are encouraged to carefully investigate the cause of even minor dissatisfactions and to look for a solution.

Work environment must be right

A workforce like this doesn’t happen by accident. It only comes from a company’s total commitment to satisfaction. Schubert's credo is: "Only satisfied employees produce satisfied customers." This includes the right work environment to ensure that employees can fully concentrate on their core tasks – and not on unnecessary paperwork.

With the DMS, the car dealership not only wants to support existing processes, but also to come up with new ways to optimize and implement. There was no template for what he was planning, but Jörg Schubert was convinced by the concept laid out by their DocuWare Partner. After they opted for DocuWare in spring 2022, they began intensively revisiting core work processes. Their revised workflows went live at the beginning of 2023.

Retail (Automotive)
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Dealer Management System ECAROS

The advantages of the DMS range from time savings to quality improvements in the sales management process to a fully optimized working environment. This is the basis for the high level of customer satisfaction that we are proud of and always working to further improve.

Jörg Schubert, Managing Director
Auto Schubert, Marburg (Germany)

Vehicle file processes

At the heart of the sales process is the vehicle file, which used to be transferred from one workstation to another as a paper file and is now available electronically in DocuWare. All documents relating to a vehicle – purchase contract, calculations, financing and leasing contracts, data protection declarations, self-disclosure and much more – are scanned by the sales assistants at the various locations. For this purpose, the dealership has purchased ten Epson DS-790WN scanners.

The vehicle file is forwarded to operations management for review. If they have any questions, it goes back to the salesperson to be corrected or completed. If everything is in order, the file is passed on to the scheduling department so that the vehicle can be ordered or grabbed from the company's own inventory. After that, the workflow goes back to the sales assistant until the car is ready to be picked up. From there, it is returned to the scheduling department, where the invoicing is done with the dealer management system ECAROS. Subsequently, the controlling department checks whether everything is available and in order before the file is stored in their digital archive.

Completeness check for contracts

Due to the direct availability of all documents, the DMS saves the dealership a lot of time. For example, when it comes to questions about a sales process, such as whether the leasing contract takes into account the towbar desired by the customer. Schubert estimates that in the past, an average of ten to fifteen minutes was spent per car when searching through the paper documents. Calculated over the year, this means 60-70 working days for 2500 vehicles!

In addition to time savings, however, the main benefit for Schubert is the increase in quality. There is now effective controlling: contracts are checked for completeness and outliers no longer occur. For sales, this means security and relief from paperwork, which improves the work environment and thus lays the foundation for employee satisfaction and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Their next process – invoice receipts – is already being tested and is scheduled to go live company-wide in early 2024.


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Thanks to the final check of all contract documents carried out with DocuWare in our controlling department, the sales department knows that nothing has been overlooked when the car is handed over.

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