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Club Atlético Osasuna has over a hundred years of football history, and has modernized over years. For example, the "El Sadar" stadium was rebuilt and subsequently awarded best stadium in the world. The organizational structure has also been digitized. In the area of document management, the premier league club migrated to the cloud-based DocuWare solution in 2023, making it the company's 1,000th cloud customer.

As in many organizations, professional football/soccer club Osasuna used to have several archives: While paper documents were stored in the Tajonar sports center and in the stadium's offices, server-based folder structures were used to store electronic files. The biggest problems arose in the processing of incoming invoices. Digital receipts were printed out and, together with the paper invoices, distributed to the relevant departments for approval. This process worked well as long as the volume of documents remained manageable. However, with the club’s growing success, the number of invoices and associated inquiries increased too. For example, specialist departments always need access to certain documents in order to document the use of funds for grants and subsidies for sports activities. For the accounting department, this meant plenty of additional work: the required invoices had to be selected from the archive, digitized and forwarded. When it became clear that it would no longer be possible without support, the decision was made to digitize the entire process. DocuWare has been in use since 2012 as an archiving solution. Together with their DocuWare Partner, Osasuna launched plans to migrate to the modern cloud platform at the beginning of 2023.


With DocuWare Cloud, we solved several problems at once. Thanks to complete digitization, our accounting department is now much more productive. The central and immediate availability of important information reduces internal queries and waiting times. And the sophisticated rights system ensures that only authorized persons have access to sensitive data.

David Corroza Senosiain, IT Manager
Club Atlético Osasuna, Pamplona

More efficient thanks to electronic invoice workflow

Today, approximately 100 incoming invoices per week are transferred from both locations to the cloud: paper receipts are scanned, digital incoming invoices are transferred to DocuWare via Outlook integration. There, an intelligent document capture collects all index data and stores the documents. In the subsequent workflow, the accounting department distributes the digitized invoices to a total of seven departments, employees can see them in their electronic task lists and approve them via digital stamp. If desired, the document management system will remind users of this so that approvals can also be started directly from the email notification. In the last step, the accounting department calls up the receipts on the screen and executes the posting. A total of twelve employees work with DocuWare in this way. In addition to invoice verification, the professional club also uses the DMS for invoicing admission and season tickets.

Digital transformation increases document security

Digitization has not only made the invoice workflow more efficient. Since the information is now available centrally, authorized departments can search for invoices independently – time-consuming queries in accounting are no longer necessary. Traceability is also easy with DocuWare: The solution logs who approved which invoice and when, and archives associated documents, such as meeting minutes or budget plans.

At the same time, Osasuna was able to significantly increase data security. At a premier league club, there is a lot of sensitive information, from player contracts to agency fees. With DocuWare Cloud, individual access rights can be precisely defined.

Based on the positive experience, the association wants to significantly expand the use of the DMS over the next few years: In the future, not only the entire contract and human resources system is to be integrated, but also the Osasuna Foundation, which takes care of philanthropic activities. This is in the spirit of "La Liga", the highest Spanish football league, which has long been committed to digital transformation and encourages its members to modernize internal and external processes accordingly.

Due to the web concept, working with DocuWare is comparable to operating a webpage. That's why our users have a much easier time navigating it – compared to other IT applications, DocuWare has a very high level of acceptance.

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