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Case Study: Auto Dealership

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Fletcher Jones Motorcars uses DocuWare to store sales documentation and repair orders. This digitization of documents allowed fast access to information, stellar customer service and a cost reduction of over $40,000 annually.

California based Fletcher Jones Motorcars (FJM) is the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in the country, selling over 700 cars a month and servicing over 500 cars a day!

Selling 700 cars a month meant the dealership generated a lot of paper files! Office space at FJM is at a premium and the company could only store six months of documentation onsite. The company’s cashiers and temporary employees regularly boxed up records older than six months and moved them to a third-party offsite storage facility. Onsite paper records took up so much space that call center employees were spread throughout the building, limiting collaboration within the department. Employees were constantly visiting the file room to access information. With only one way of looking up information, by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), file retrieval was slow and could take as long as 24 hours if the record needed to be brought by courier from the offsite location. The paper-based system was the source of process inefficiencies and was costing an estimated $40,000 annually.

Auto Dealership

“Not only did we eliminate the filing room, but we are better managing our business processes, increasing profitability and looking to expand the solution enterprise-wide.”

Wayne Fitkin,
IT Director

Wayne Fitkin, IT Director for Fletcher Jones Motorcars spent three years researching electronic document management solutions and compiling a detailed list of requirements. He wanted a system that could index automatically without the need for manual intervention, and one that had the ability to scan documents and separate pages into individual records. The system needed to be an out-of-the-box solution that didn’t require extensive programming and could provide employees with web-based access to information.

Fast and easy installation

DocuWare was successfully installed. Now documents on completed work are scanned and automatically separated as needed, into multi-page repair records. Using OCR technology, the RO number is “read“ from the page and used as a match-code to pull indexing information from an existing database; indexing the document without manual intervention. For compliance reasons, original paper documents are kept for four years and then destroyed. If an original document is required, the electronic record specifies which box contains the record. Sales documentation is scanned and automatically indexed in a similar way. Employees can access the information through the company intranet using a web browser.

FJM employees now have instant online access to information. This improved employee productivity and raised job satisfaction ratings. Customer service also improved dramatically as documentation could be retrieved faster, not only by VIN number, but by car model, customer name or date purchased; thus providing the Service Advisor instant availability to the entire repair history for any vehicle. Electronic annotations are now made directly on the ROs stored in DocuWare, giving any Service Advisor the ability to answer customer questions.

Access to electronic documents

On a corporate level, FJM now has complete control over original documents by securely storing them in an onsite warehouse immediately after scanning. Accessing information electronically, FJM eliminated the need to store and access documents from a third-party storage facility. Employees can now work on higher value tasks instead of filing or purging paper documents.

Digitization of processes leads to greater revenue potential

Today, with the reduced need to store paper files, FJM has regained premium office space which also allows them to keep departments in one space allowing for better collaboration. For example, now that the call center employees are in one place, this has allowed for dramatic improvements in customer service. This helps FJM maintain its strong commitment to the customer which in turns contributes to new and repeat business resulting in greater revenues.

There is so much capability within DocuWare. It is an incredible product.”

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