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The opta data group supports healthcare service providers with innovative solutions for administrative tasks. In financial accounting, a document management system ensures transparency and fast invoice verification.

The opta data group supports companies in the healthcare sector – such as nursing services, rehabilitation facilities/providers, and suppliers of therapeutic products. They help their customers to quickly and efficiently invoice their services to insurance companies and self-payers. The company employs more than 1,800 people in 17 organizations. Innovative solutions are also needed for their own administration - DocuWare is their choice for document management.

They first implemented the solution in their central financial accounting department. opta data receives over 3,500 incoming A/P invoices, mostly paper-based, every month. Previously, these were recorded in Excel and sent to the responsible departments and locations for approval. Due to a multi-stage approval process and a basic division of invoices into split amounts with allocation of cost centers, the processing times were understandably long. Accounting also lacked any overview or transparency of the processing status during the approval process. Searching for information also took a lot of time and effort.

A central document pool was therefore not only intended to reduce processing and research times, but also to make the approval process more transparent overall. There were two main arguments in favor of DocuWare. First, it could be seamlessly integrated with their Addison commercial system. Second, they liked the extremely simple and modern user interface.

Service Provider
Finance |Management |Administration |Order Processing |Company-wide

By using DocuWare and integrating it into our accounting system, we were able to significantly streamline our incoming invoice process. Since first implementing the system, we have discovered a number of other application areas that can undoubtedly benefit from the solution as well. In the end, as many departments as possible should work with the DMS.

Benedikt Steffen
Managing Director, opta data Group, Essen (Germany)

Incoming and outgoing invoices - completely digital

Without interrupting ongoing operations, the solution was installed in Accounting and second screens were purchased for certain workstations. Previously, the DocuWare Partner documented the processes in a solution workshop and developed an individual split booking dialog. A total of 140 users now access the system from inside and outside the company, via Web Client, mobile DocuWare Apps or directly from Addison. Today, all incoming invoices are scanned and automatically indexed. In the verification/approval process, the Accounting department accesses receipts via task lists and splits the amounts between different cost centers. Other employees from Purchasing and Accounting approve the cost center with a digital stamp according to the four-eyes principle. The system then forwards the documents to the cost centers and notifies those responsible by email. Using the attached split booking dialog, expenses are checked and corresponding partial amounts are released for payment. In addition, outgoing invoices are now also archived completely digitally. Using the print command, they are stored directly into the electronic file cabinet. An additional paper printout with automatic selection of the letterhead is only made when mailing it to a customer. The digital copies, on the other hand, are indexed and assigned automatically by DocuWare. This allows up to 100 percent presetting of the booking dialog, including accounts and cost centers. Instead of a time-consuming manual account assignment, only a brief check of the preassigned values needs to take place.

Digital approval stamps accelerate payment process

DocuWare pays for itself with significantly shorter processing times. Invoices don't have to be assigned to accounts twice, as was previously the case, and tedious typing into Addison is no longer necessary. But most of the advantages come with this modern verification process for incoming invoices. Managers and cost center managers involved in the workflow can now access documents at any time and from any location. Even invoices that require a large number of approvals can be released and paid within the shortest possible time. In addition to speed, the system also ensures greater transparency. Thanks to the approval stamps, the accounting department immediately has an overview of where and in which processing step an incoming invoice is currently located.

Thanks to the option of issuing approvals while traveling via iPhone, our approval process can be handled from anywhere, no matter where the cost center managers might be. Invoices don't linger, waiting for someone to return from a business trip.

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