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Case Study: Manufacturing

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Almost a hundred years of experience and the right mix of tradition and innovation make Interlázaro a beautifully ripened fruit specialist. A cloud-based DMS guarantees better coordination between their administration and the rest of the company.

Yesterday's traditions, today's knowledge and visions for tomorrow: that‘s the mission statement that has helped drive Interlázaro while it has been producing fresh fruit in the Saragozza region of Spain for three generations. On 800 hectares of land and with 200 permanent employees, the family business produces over 40 million kilos of fruit every year, including apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, cherries, figs and plums.

Due to the widespread geographical distance between fields and their administrative office, they always encountered problems when working together on documents – before they introduced a document management system. While supplier invoices are generally received at the administrative office, ordered work materials and their delivery slips are handled directly on the fields. This posed a logistical challenge for internal approval processes, because the employees responsible are also working in various fields. In the past, up to 60 invoices and delivery notes per day were sent back and forth between the office and the orchards. Documents were often forwarded with a time delay or were lost completely, especially when several people were involved.

Administration |Purchasing

Digitization is a real challenge for every agricultural business. But thanks to the simplicity of the DocuWare Cloud, even our field chiefs can now work with electronic receipts. DocuWare saves our employees a lot of resources. We can then invest this freed up time into tasks that create real added value for us.

Eduardo Aguilar and Cristina Castilla
IT Manager and Head of Accounting, Interlázaro, Calatayud (Zaragoza)

Their management team was then naturally interested when an employee suggested electronic document processing to solve these issues and make other improvements within the company. They quickly contacted their office supply vendor, with whom they had been working for years for their printer and copier needs, and had DocuWare presented to them. The DMS was particularly convincing because of its ability to be used from anywhere by all who are authorized. The Cloud solution also made it possible to provide all employees with licenses without a large initial investment. Another decisive factor was the company's strong commitment to environmental issues: thanks to the Cloud DMS, they would be able to use much less paper.


Smartphone app for document scanning

In the initial weeks, DocuWare was set up to use digital stamps when booking incoming invoices. This approach was gradually extended to all purchasing processes, including archiving contracts and tariff sheets. Today, between 10 and 20 users regularly work with the DocuWare Cloud. While in the orchards, field chiefs can scan incoming delivery notes using a smartphone app and transfer them to the system. Administrative employees see the incoming receipts in their digital mail baskets and take over indexing and filing. This procedure also allows a complete and centralized recording of all delivery slips. After the invoices are received, they are scanned in the office and linked to the delivery slips. This means that all the documents relating to an invoice can be called up at the push of a button - an advantage that is particularly beneficial to everyone responsible for the subsequent approval process. Once the invoices have been distributed to the various departments, the field chiefs are informed by email and can approve them directly on their smartphone or tablet, which is particularly easy thanks to digital stamps. All checked invoices finally appear in a separate list and are posted and paid by their colleagues in administration.


Approval in real time, straight from the orchard

Unlike in the past, the distance between orchard and office no longer has any effect on working together. Approvals are transmitted from the field to HQ in real time, allowing invoices to be booked earlier. The administrative team always knows the exact processing status, which means that the responsible person can be contacted quickly in individual cases and invoice due dates can be better controlled. Thanks to DocuWare, all authorized users have access to important documents. Receipts are no longer lost, saving the company a lot of time. This time could then be invested in more important tasks both in the office and in the field – the perfect fertilizer for more productivity and growing the sweetest fruit. 

With DocuWare, we manage all approval processes in a digital form only. Setting up the workflows was very easy.

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