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Case Study: Manufacturing

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Cost savings exceeded the company’s expected ROI & staff productivity soared when this leading manufacturer of chemical testing kits digitized its documents.

AquaPhoenix Scientific is a leading test kit and reagent manufacturer.  The company also creates customizable test kits with private labeling, custom packaging and custom test factors providing a unique branded product for each customer.  

Intelligent Indexing standardizes categorization of orders and invoices

The majority of their business is generated through custom orders, so chemicals in each test kit have different labeling specifications and quality control documentation. The company moved to electronic document management to improve customer service and easily access documents pertaining to any order. They ship hundreds of orders a day and store between 3 and 50 pages of documentation for each order.

Today, when an order is received online or via phone or fax, it is entered into AquaPhoenix’s ERP system and a sales order number is generated. Using Intelligent Indexing, the information from the ERP sales order is used to automatically index the order, eliminating double entry. This sales order is then used to route the order through the assembly process.

Integration between DocuWare and the ERP system helps maintain quality control

The manufacturing department follows a similar process when tracking the production of chemicals or reagents. They maintain a strict quality control processes documented by a work order, which is created in their ERP system, then used to record production times and quality checks, as well as batch and lot numbers.  At the end of the process, the completed work order is scanned into DocuWare where it is automatically indexed and stored and becomes part of the company’s quality control documentation.

Once an order is shipped, the completed sales order along with the shipping document is scanned into DocuWare where it is matched with the customer purchase order and quality control documentation using the barcoded sales order number and customer number on the sales order form. The accounting team access this information in DocuWare and can begin the invoicing process.

“DocuWare is a flexible product that was able to meet our unique workflow between the manufacturing floor and the business office. The software is very customizable and has allowed us to roll it out in phases,” says Witman.

Finance |Sales |Quality Assurance

Our DocuWare system paid for itself once we were using it for accounts payable and quality control documentation. Our ROI improves every time we add a new process, such as our sales orders and invoicing.

Michele Witman

DocuWare’s functionality allows AquaPhoenix to establish consistent document indexing. There are notable improvements in productivity, workflow and customer service now that information is easy to find and retrieve. Placing business-critical documents in DocuWare enables authorized users to pull up every document associated with each order – this has streamlined the processes for the sales, manufacturing and accounting departments.  Document searches that used to take 30-60 minutes now take just seconds.

Annual paper document purging has reduced from 160 boxes to 20 boxes and will soon be phased out completely. Moving work orders into DocuWare also enables the company to eliminate substantial document storage on the production floor. Even more importantly, quality control information is now completely and easily searchable.


The software is very customizable and has allowed us to roll it out in phases.

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